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Links to Diabetes

With gum disease rates identified as being three times higher in people with diabetes, researchers at Newcastle University have now found evidence of a two-way effect. With diabetes increasing the risk of periodontitis and periodontitis inflammation worsening blood-sugar control.

• Patients with diabetes should be aware that periodontal disease risk is increased by poorly
controlled diabetes. If diabetic patients suffer from periodontal disease, their glycemic control may be more difficult to manage, and they are at a higher risk for diabetic complications such as cardiovascular and kidney disease.

• Patients with type 1, type 2 and gestational diabetes should have regular comprehensive periodontal examinations.

• Diabetic patients with extensive tooth loss should be encouraged to peruse dental rehabilitation to restore adequate mastication for proper nutrition.

• Patients with diabetes are at increased risk of oral fungal infections and experience poorer wound healing than those who do not have diabetes.