Dental Payment Plans/Denplan

Dental payment plans are available to all patients who wish to spread the cost of routine treatments into more manageable monthly payments. The plan covers regular check-ups and hygienist visits, as well as any restorative treatments you may require.

Payment plans are provided by Denplan or Independent Care Plans. With plans being broken up into bands, dependent on previous dental history. Dental plans typically cost between £14 and £50 per month (the plan does not include laboratory costs for crowns or bridges).

Patients interested in joining a payment plan should discuss this your dentist here at Rock House we can then make an assessment to determine which band you would be in and therefore the monthly cost.

Come in and have a chat about your personal options
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All fees shown are subject to a
10% discount
if paid at the time of treatment




On our
Tooth Whitening

Price list/fees

Examintation £34.59
Small X-ray £11.38
Hygenist from £77.95
Amalgam fillings £59.42 to £110
White fillings £60.63 to £176
Extractions from £84.88
Root canal treatment £509.35 to £600
Crowns from £540
Veneers from £551
Dentures per jaw from £727
Chrome dentures from £1697
Tooth whitening course £468
Bleaching gel 3 syringe pack £53
Sports gum shield from £92

Student Fees

18 – 22 years of age in full time education

Examination £20.79
Small X-ray £9.81